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My Soundcloud profile

My Soundcloud profile


NEWS n' stuff

Sun Feb 12, 2017, 2:53 AM
Hello there everyone

This will be yet another journal about how things are going and how the future will look like, also some other stuff will get mentioned here.

So let us begin, shall we?



Everybody should now it already (when you read some of my journals), I'll move into a new home. I'm not alone, I'll move together with my girlfriend. In the last few journals I couldn't tell you when we will move together, because we didn't know when the married couple would move out of the appartment we want to move in.

I know when we will move now.

It will happen at the end of March.

What I can guarentee you is, that I can't be really active for some days, because I must organize a few things, from internet connection, to furniture and other stuff. When all these things are done, I can continue working on my art.



Another fact that I already mentioned is, that I'll change the content I'll upload from that time on. Here's a list of stuff that I'll not draw after the movement.

- Bimbofication
- Transformation

Because I didn't draw transformation I hope this isn't that much of a deal. The fact that a lot of you liked my bimbofication art is a bigger deal though.

It could be that the transformation theme will reaccure, but not in comic nor sequence form. The bimbofication theme will be completely erased from this time on. I'm fine with that, because a bit of exaggeration is good, exaggeration itself isn't a must-have for me. I wouldn't like people like this in real life, to be honest^^

What I'll keep doing besides my main project I wanna start is:

- Sexy Art
- Transgender

But as I said before not in comic form, maybe in the future ^^

But I'll finally focus on my main goal...

Problems / My full account story


Because I have statistics of my posted art I know, not many of you know about the concept sketches and character portraits from my webcomic IDYLL.

Maybe this will change in the future, because I want to get more popular with this kind of art too, because I tried it this way before, but didn't get an audience.

The problem is that being good in arts isn't that what gets you an audience, it's how different you are then the massive amount of artists out there. Maybe my kind of transformation art helped me get me now a watcher count of 600 watchers. I'm pretty convinced it did.

I tried to get a big audiene with my old account :iconakid4:, but this didn't happen, with only 6 watchers or less after 2 whole years, which is pretty downtaking. I started posting less and even more less art, until I finally gave up doing it on deviantart.

You can go to my account if you want and convince yourself, I only have 6 watchers on there XD

After some lucky coincidences I posted some art I made for a RenPy game on here with my account I normally used to watch NSFW stuff XD I made some tg art beforehand, but I didn't know that you can reach such a big audience with it. I was motivated worked a lot on my shitty art back then with 7 deviantions per day. It was shitty because I focused on quantity instead of quality, but it gave me a pageview rate of breattaking 800 pageviews per day :O But with that much time I poured into it I almost quit at the end of the month I started, because I was close to a burn out.

After some nights of sleep I finally continued with a much slower pace, finally focusing more on quality instead of quantity ^^ It helped me to improve a lot over one year, I started making tg comics, everything went fine, until I started exaggerating XD I still loved the pieces don't get me wrong, but it didn't felt like me ^^' So I finally want to retire form this theme when I move together with my girlfriend.

The problem is, I think near half of my fanbase consists of people who like bimbofication ^^' Could be that I'm wrong, but my account boomed again after I did Bimbofication XD

If you are just here for Bimbofication, not for a bit of sexy art or transgender, I can guarantee you, you'll not find new art on here from that time on.

That's a fact ^^'

I somehow just hope to grow my audience even when less people are watching, and I hope to get more well known for my art, not for this theme in particular.

Oh man, I'm reaching for high goals...hope that I won't fail...



Yeah, a webcomic!

I try to start a webcomic, posted on here and maybe somewhere else too ^^

I really wanted to start a webcomic 10 years back, when I started to draw.

Why did I start drawing? I accidentally bought a Naruto manga XD The real trigger for getting better was the animated series Wakfu, I loved this show back in 2004 ^^

I just wanted to create my own world. I started a deviantart account after closed it's doors, with an account I don't wanna mention here, because of...shame, I was soo bad at drawing back then.
I posted one little comic there, with no audience and that was it. I was done with that account.

After 10 years I finally want to make a webcomic, I don't care who doesn't like it, it was my dream and my highest goal to make a webcomic, and just because of people who liked this art more I won't quit this dream!

That's another fact! ^^

I won't tell you anthing about the story, I hope it'll get catchy someday, I'm not a professional writer, I'm not a professional artist, but everyone starts slow ^^ Hope you are with me on this Journey^^

When do I start drawing?

I hope as soon as I move together with my girlfriend ^^

If not, just wait, the first page will come^^



This is not a goodbye, don't get me wrong^^' I just want to thank you :)

Thanks to sonicfan156 , for being the most active person on my deviantart site, and also being my 5th watcher since I started ^-^ He was also the one who kept me from leaving dA after my almost-burnout

Thanks to SlayerEndX13  for being just an awesome person to work with, someone who is almost always in stream (also a good moderator), and the best writer of erotica I have seen on this site, truth be told^^ He is the one, who writes the Zekes Pad story and is also the one who will post the story, when I don't continue drawing the pictures for it! CHECK HIM OUT!! XD

Thanks to all of you for being my watchers, my fanbase which motivates me!

Thanks to KianJimenez , xa-xa-xa , Deviched , WishingStarInAJar , TheMightFenek , sampleguy , many more for inspiring me and my art :)

And sorry for mentioning, when you don't like to be mentioned ^^ And when you read this, I want to thank you again from the bottom of my art for inspiring me ^^

This really sounds like a goodbye post XD

Soon things will change, hopefully to the better,
not for the worse!


Aron D. K.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello there, my name is Aron, finally I'm writing a biography XD

I am currently 19 years old, live in Germany and started drawing 9 years ago. Since then I tried to improve more and more, it was difficult because I had stuff to do for school. I visited a "Gymnasium (german)" and graduated with the "Abitur (german again)" which you could compare with the IB or AB in the US. My dream is to build up a community around my art and I hope that will happen in the future :D. I'm currently planning a comic, which I want to kick off when I finish the concept and some sketches.

So expect more soon :D


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since 27.08.2015


Working on some BOTW Zelda :D

WIP BOTW Zelda by Schinkn

Damn...I just love this game :0
Naruko x Hina - Gender Bender Couple
Uncensored version can be found on my tumblr:


Hello there everyone,

it's been quite long since the last post here.

A lot of my time flies by while playing the new Zelda, I also am organizing a lot for the move etc.

This is my last NSFW post, given the fact that almost everything is settled that we'll try to move next week :0
So enjoy this last piece of smut XD

Hope you like it, have a nice day and see ya soon,
Aron ^^
I should stop promising things ^^' Too tired today, have another practical exam tomorrow, need my sleep ^^'
...and of course I can't upload the piece today.

Had to learn for some exams. Didn't knew that it would be that time consuming ^^' Sorry, will move the release date to tomorrow ^^'
Almost finished the Naruko x Hina piece ^^ It'll get uploaded tomorrow :D


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